What is the importance of Vaddanam for South Indian Wedding?
What is the importance of Vaddanam for South Indian Wedding?

When it comes to South Indian jewellery, particularly for Telugu brides, a vaddanam is of the utmost precedence. If you’re looking for an Indian jewellery store that can give you high-quality customized jewellery, then Sneha Rateria Fine Jewellery is the spot for you. This piece will look at what a vaddanam is and its significance.





The vaddanam is a gold belt worn around the waist to keep the saree in place. This belt is essential in South Indian jewellery, particularly for weddings. In the olden days, it represented the woman’s child-bearing abilities, and today it can be a status symbol. This is a belt that is worn during carnival days and also on home occasions like weddings. It is also called the Waist Belt in English. It is learned by different names across the country like oddiyanam, kamarbund, etc.

South Indian weddings are known for their richness in the gold ornaments worn by the brief. It is one of the heaviest ornaments worn by the bride and her bridal party. You will rarely see a classic South Indian wedding without the bride wearing a vaddanam on her waist.


Types of Vaddanam

There are various types of vaddanams that you can find. Let’s glance at a few of them, and you could even pick one that suits your style best for the occasion required.

  • Simple Gold Vaddanam

A plain gold vaddanam is a very traditional design. These are made in the form of a belt with carved designs. The base of the vaddanam is gold, and the plan would have implanted motifs. Be it a motif of something with religious importance or a floral design. A simple vaddanam can highlight the rest of the clothes and weigh anywhere from 150 grams to 230 grams.

  • Heavy Gold Vaddanam

These are also gold but are weightier because of the motifs studded on the bottom of the belt. The motifs contain peacocks, flowers, swans, elephants, and leaves with gods or goddesses. Another factor that adds to the weight is the hanging elements added to the belt. You could customize the vaddanam with chains, pearls, gems, or anything else you wanted. This makes the belt look beautiful and can make heads turn.

  • Kasu Vaddanams

Another option is to buy a kasu mala and wear it as a vaddanam rather than purchasing a bulky one. This can be worn around the waist or even your neck. The latest styles of kasu vaddanams are constantly being dismissed, so there is a variety to choose from. In this case, the chains or dangling pieces are replaced with coins that still give you that traditional look but do not cost as much.

  • Multi-purpose Vaddanams

You read that right; five-in-one vaddanams are created so they can be separated and used in different ways as a vaddanam, a necklace, or even an armlet.



We hope now you know what the vaddanam is and its significance. As mentioned before, Sneha Rateria Fine Jewellery are the best Indian jewellery store for Vaddanam. Suppose you want a South Indian wedding in India. In that case, you can still have one in all its genuineness and the jewellery you wish, as it is readily obtainable here in one of the best jewellery stores in West Bengal.


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