Delicate or bold, bling or subtle.. no matter what kind it is, everyone loves jewelry! We not only like to be girls but girly girls. So lets embrace it! We bring jewelry from designers who are fun, flirty, bright and girly.

We put together beautiful collections of silver & swarovski jewelry that is elegant, timeless and downright fabulous. Our collection is eclectic combination of sleek feminine designs with loads of options for customization. Each one of our precious ornaments is hand crafted and customized to your satisfaction.

Our designs are hand picked from jewelry designers from all over India. They are modern and chic, but the finish reflects the workmanship of the city of Kolkata, the epitome of craftsmanship.

We want our jewelry to be girly, classy, elegant, delicate, fun, and flirty. Do not forget to explore our “L.O.V.E.” section for our best selling jewelry designs handpicked by us.