Types of jhumkas every indian women should have
Types of jhumkas every indian women should have


One of the traditional styles of earrings that have been around for generations are jhumkis. Jhumka earrings can be round, conical, or shaped like a church bell. Every religion uses jhumkas that are uniquely designed and each has their own significance. We can argue not disagree to the fact that jhumkis are a necessary component of any Indian woman's jewellery collection.


Jhumka earrings are a classic piece of jewellery that will always be in style. They have been popular jewellery elements since the time of the royal emperors.With the aid of this post, we hope to share information about the various jhumka/jhumki styles that every woman ought to own.


Evergreen Golden Jhumkis

Traditional antique jhumkis are conical-shaped earrings with gold plating that go well with traditional clothing. The semi-precious stones used to beautify these earrings, including ruby, emerald, coral, sapphire, opal, pearls, and many more, give them a luxurious appearance. Traditional jhumki designs are influenced by natural elements; they may be intricately flowery in nature or have temple-like patterns. Golden jhumkas are something that every woman may wear because they truly go with any face type, skin tone, age group, etc.


Terracotta Jhumkis

Handmade earthen baked clay earrings are known as terracotta jhumkis. Terracotta jhumki designs are influenced by nature, including animals, plants, leaves, flowers, tribal deities, and geometric patterns for a more fashionable appearance. Terracotta jhumka earrings are made from organic earthy clay, making them friendly for the skin.


Oxidized Silver Jhumkis

Jhumkas made of silver oxide is frequently referred to as Gujarati-style jhumkas. During the Navaratri celebration, they are frequently worn by women along with ghagra-choli. The addition of these jhumkis enhances the traditional appearance of gujjus.

These earrings are suitable for wearing to parties, weddings, and other formal occasions. This jewellery includes everything you'll need to look stunning.


Hoops Jhumkis

Jhumkis with hoops is the ideal marriage of two different styles of earrings. This sort of hoop is styled with jhumkas, and we can observe the new jhumki design. Both suits and sarees look great with hoops jhumkas.Hoops Jhumkis are comparatively lightweight and easy to carry and wear. It adds to the face beauty and can be color coordinated with the outfits. You can choose among numerous designs, colors, and sizes according to your taste and style.


Kundan Jhumkis

Rajasthan is recognized for its exquisite designs, looks, and spark, but these days we can see the love for kundan jhumkas spreading throughout all of India. Jhumkas are exquisitely decorated with glittering kundan. These jadau jhumkas go great with high-end clothing. These Kundan work jhumkas include a variety of hues that are pretty aesthetically pleasing and powerful.


Kashmiri jhumkas

According to the most recent fashion, Kashmiri jhumkas are more in demand than any other jhumkas. They are ideal and go well with every form of ethnic attire. Long earrings on a pearl chain are attached to the jhumki in Kashmiri jhumkas, which have a design that sets them apart from other jhumkas. These jhumkas need the wearer to attach a pearl chain behind the ear. You will look stunning wearing these earrings at a festive event.


Diamond Jhumki

The traditional Diamond Jhumki earrings are a wonderful addition to your jewellery collection. The pattern of the earrings stands out due to the diamonds and colored stones that are set in precious metals. To appreciate its appeal, pair it with your traditional outfits. For contemporary women who dislike traditional gold-tone jhumki earrings, diamond jhumki earrings are perfect. Jhumkis with diamond accents gives the wearer a beautiful look. This contemporary jhumkis go great with fashionable attire.


Ear-cuff jhumkas

The fashionable type of earrings that have changed in terms of design over time is ear cuffs and hugs. The wearer has a lot more design possibilities with a modern, creative spin on conventional ear cuffs. Ear cuffs with jhumkis refer to ear cuffs styled with jhumkis. Ear-cuff jhumkas come in a variety of designs, but the nicest ear-cuff jhumkas are those that are inspired by peacocks.


Styling jhumkas with your outfit adds grace to your outfit and charm to your face. You can choose the best jhumkas styles from our website and shine bright with your style the next time you get ready!!!! 


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