Indian Jewellery Designs
Indian Jewellery Designs

Latest Indian Jewellery Designs

Presenting exquisite designs graced with gems and emeralds!

For any extravagant family celebration or wedding appearance, the first line of the fashion poll is always won by the ornament section. While dressing oneself for a function as a guest or the bride herself, the main focus is always the jewellery or the choice of jewellery.

Looking for something eye-grabbing?

Go for Indian jewellery designs!  

Indian Jewellery boasts a spectacular collection of breathtaking variety that proliferate with region-specific taste.

Northern, Eastern, Western, Southern- all Indian regions have unique themes and designs. The most sought designs are South Indian jewellery designs that are also popular overseas.

For the fashionistas with a bold sense of style, South Indian jewellery has an entire aisle ready!

Looking for authentic South Indian jewellery? Let me suggest to you the best-in-business name: Sneha Rateria!

Creating designs that are both traditional and trendy!

latest indian jewellery designs 2020

Latest Indian Jewellery Designs by Sneha Rateria 

Trendy, authentic and unique collections handcrafted by the most skilled artisans at Sneha Rateria.

Gold always remains in style and never goes outdated. The magnificent aura of Gold is perfectly captured in our Gold jewellery collections.  

Clients with a keen eye for originality in craftsmanship absolutely adore our designs!

Our enchanting designs will take your personal taste in style to the next level!

Jewellery collection with the latest designs

If you are in dire need of a proper ensemble of authentic Indian designs, visit the Sneha Rateria store, where you will find stunning collections of the finest Indian jewellery.

Here is a sneak peek of the latest Indian jewellery collection offered by Sneha Rateria.

Find the latest Indian Jewellery collection for:  

  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Earrings
  • Rings
  • Gold Accessories


Gold is the quintessence of purity amalgamated with quality. Indian jewellery is incomplete without Gold, and Gold necklaces are irreplaceable jewellery worn on almost every pious occasion or Indian ceremony.

Sneha Rateria presents a versatile collection of gold necklaces adored and hand-picked by people of every age group.

Heavy or light, traditional or contemporary or a bit of a mix of both, we have an elaborate range of designs that check your requirements.

A sense of elegant style mixed with the bling of Gold makes our necklaces stand out!

We have necklaces crafted with the finest Gold and sparkling diamonds or gems, including rubies and emeralds. You will find an exquisite range of South Indian gold necklaces with diverse designs and patterns. We craft extravagant necklaces that are unique in their way, are extraordinarily gorgeous and suitable for any Indian occasion. Just visit our online store and choose the one that matches your taste or style for an occasion.

We can give a sneak peek of some of the designs that are being displayed on our fan-favourite forum; let's take a look:

Top picks

  1. Gleaming Jewels

 Gleaming Jewels

  • South Indian Haram Necklace; 28” long set.  
  • Superb design, pure Gold, exquisite design.
  • Perfect for traditional ceremonies.
  1. Like No Other

 Like No Other

  • Temple jewellery design like no other! Bring out the inner goddess in you; look the part!  
  • Oxidized Gold polish, brilliant finishing, high-quality jewellery.  
  • Designed by creative designers and handcrafted by skilled artisans.  
  1. Fascination with Form

 Fascination with Form

  • Finest Temple jewellery representing a true symbol of originality.  
  • Antique gold polish necklace signifying royalty in each piece!
  • 26" long necklace, a perfect match for your ethnic attire.  



Kangas (bangles), kade or bracelets, Indian traditional bracelets are known by many names and are available in different patterns. Traditionally, gold bangles are worn in Indian weddings, ceremonies, get-togethers, pooja ceremonies, parties and other events accompanied by music, food and festivities.

Office party costumes complement elegant-looking bracelets with slightly lighter tones and embellishments.

Adorn a heavily designed pair of golden bracelets with beautiful bangles to impart a luxurious look to your hands.

If your outfit can be complemented with just one bangle, I suggest going for a densely designed gold bracelet with perfect finishing.  

You will find it all at our online store; just visit our bracelets collections and meet with various choices, designs, patterns at a justified price.

Here are some of our top picks that will complete your traditional look:

Top picks

  1. Lush


  • Designer gold bangles; Floral diamond bangles.  
  • Crafted with CZ diamonds and high-quality Gold.
  • Nature-based design.  
  • Perfect fit for traditional functions and matches your traditional attire.
  1. World of Elegance

 World of Elegance

  • Statement bracelet.  
  • Lightweight and luxurious.
  • Exquisite and intricate South Indian design.
  1. Spring Time

Spring Time

  • Latest gold bangle design.
  • Floral-based design with gorgeous finishing.
  • Perfect ornament for spring fashion and wedding theme.  


Just put on a perfect set of earrings for an ensemble of a themed party or any Indian function, and you can effortlessly turn heads in your way!  

You will find the latest earrings with trendy designs in our online store collections. Our earrings section is full of stunning earring items that are perfectly suitable for all occasions and themes.

Go for South Indian designs if you are looking forward to bringing vivid culture into the jewellery scene!

What type of earrings are you into? Studded, short, trinkets, long, hoops, hanging, heavy or light designs? You ask for it; we have it!

Diamond earrings crafted with our grade one quality gold increase the grace of your Indian-themed attire ten-folds.

Golden earrings studded with CZ diamond stones are our absolute specialty, and we are happy to flaunt them all on our online store.

Don't forget to complete your look with Sneha Rateria marked earrings! Never lag when it comes to staying relevant in fashion!

Top picks

  1. Never Stop Dazzling

 Never Stop Dazzling

  • Flaunts authentic South Indian design.  
  • Mesmerizing temple coin design, perfect to wear in traditional Indian functions.
  • Our Never Stop Dazzling earrings will indeed never cease to make you stand out and dazzle the onlookers.
  1. An Absolute Stunner

 An Absolute Stunner

  • Chandbali earrings crafted by highly skilled artisans.
  • Embellished with romantic moon phase indicator, iridescent coloured stones and white CZ diamonds.
  • This extravagant piece of art is an absolute stunner; it would be a big mistake not to own it after setting your gaze upon them.  
  1. Black Cocktail Earring

 An Absolute Stunner

  • 18K Gold earring boasting dusky elegance; one of its kind! Classic and bold design!
  • Part sterling silver, part CZ stones embedded strategically as per the designer’s vision.
  • Unconventional designs perfect for those who like to experiment with their jewellery choice for the grace of an event.



There is no restricting rule of gender specificity for wearing a spectacular gold ring. Both men and women can embellish their fingers with one or multiple gold rings of spectacular designs.

Sneha Rateria understands the different choices of our diverse clientele and crafts unique designs as per asked. Our ring collections boast a wide array of customized designs that are tailored-made to fit the specific requirement of our clients.

Gold rings adorned with emeralds and diamonds are among our most popular choices. You can specify your requirement and either customize the available design or have an entirely different design made to order.

You get variety and quality in terms of design and price with each displayed ring. Surf our online store for the finest rings designs you'll ever see!

Top picks

  1. Hello Sunshine

 An Absolute Stunner

  • Yellow Sapphire ring surrounded by diamonds encased in a floral pattern.
  • Yellow gold, grade one purity, high-quality metals.
  • Handcrafted design custom-made.
  1. Exuberant Symphony

 Exuberant Symphony

  • CZ Emerald ring, stunning design, best value with quality and price.
  • Scintillating CZ diamonds surrounding the center Emerald piece, the whole look is stunning!
  • A classy royal look can easily be achieved with this Exuberant Symphony.
  1. Be Outstanding

 Be Outstanding

  • CZ diamond stones are embedded in a circular pattern, overwhelmingly augmenting the overall grace of the ring.
  • Be Outstanding with this Emerald ring, flaunt your taste in a bold fashion statement!


Gold Accessories

We are not limited to only the basic ornament options; as aforementioned, Sneha Rateria bears dexterity in providing an entire ensemble of jewellery suitable for your jewellery box. We excel in crafting precious trinkets that you can find to be the most exuberant lot upon seeing! This means you can adore the tiny pieces of sparkling accessories whenever they come out of your keepsake boxes.

Find the most enchanting collection of accessories crafted with high-quality precious metals only at the Sneha Rateria store! We have every piece that you feel was missing from your jewel box!

Armbands, pendants, nose rings, waistbands, mangtikka, tops, necklaces, rings, and lots more!

Take a trip to our trinket lane today!

Top picks 

  1. Bajubandh


  • An essential piece in the South Indian jewellery collection, our Gold Bajubandhs have a classic touch!   
  • Delicate carvings with designs that are out of this era.  
  • The fabulous armband is adorned with Pink and green sapphires, hinting at a colourful vibe.
  • Bajubandhs go pretty much in fashion with ethnic wear and some western wear that leans into an Indo-western theme.
  1. Grandness Refined

 Grandness Refined

  • Transform your look with the fabulous Gold Vaddanam!
  • Oozing classic South Indian touch in the design, grandness is truly refined in this exquisite piece of jewellery!  
  • Exquisite CZ diamonds are arranged meticulously over the belt made with pure solid Gold.
  1. Be Bejewelled

 Be Bejewelled

  • The latest Mangtikka designs enhancing the true beauty you hold.    
  • Capture the true magic of all wedding seasons with our assorted Gold Mangtikkas!
  • Custom-made Mangtikkas are exclusively displayed on our site; check them out and get the ones you like!


Get your hands on a brilliant range of Indian jewellery with the most exquisite designs!

Our designs are unique, and you won't find any of our designs repeated or copied from others.

Our jewellery pieces come with a lifetime guarantee. We ensure your chosen jewellery stays as beautiful as ever for as long as possible!

Tweak in your jewel box with exquisite Indian gold jewellery.

Visit our store! Go Bling!

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