Different Types of Mangalsutra
Different Types of Mangalsutra

Most modern brides are employed women. Their line of work requires them to travel to many locations, therefore they must dress accordingly. Wearing a traditional Mangalsutra made of cheap gold is therefore not an option.

Therefore, it has become even more important to create some slick, wearable designs. Sneharateria.com offers you a wide range of mangal sutra that feeds your traditional need and modern style.

Many women have made the decision to look for that ideal piece that may complement their wardrobe, motivated by their modern interpretation of tradition and their ultra-trendy Mangalsutra design. We can help with that.

This article will discuss various kinds of mangal sutra that will leave you speechless.

  1. Singlestone Mangalsutra

Solitaire Mangalsutras are what you require if you want to maintain the undercurrent of tradition while also crafting it in a modern manner. To make you look ultra-chic and alluring, these items come with the same black bead string tied to a colorful solitaire piece. Celebrities like Deepika chose this look shortly after getting married. The versatility of this item, which can be worn with both modern and traditional looks, is its best feature.

  1. Flower pendant Mangalsutra :

This article emphasizes the things that are essential following the wedding, making it perfect for the professional lady and the purist at heart. It truly is among the nicest varieties of mangalsutra.

  1. Low-key Glamour

Even though Jaipur jewels are well known for their Mangalsutra designs, not many people favor them because they are overly dazzling. Such persons may benefit most from a simple Mangalutra. The use of tiny black beads next to a tiny pendant, which is anything but conventional, is another nod to tradition in this design. Overall, this gold mangalsutra item has the appearance of a little, adorably adorable pendant set and may be worn on any occasion.

  1. The one with exclusivity:

You've probably heard the adage "marriage is a private matter." If such is the case, why not make your Mangalsutra unique? Yes! You don't have to use the same common design; you can do that. In reality, many couples are giving tradition a lovely twist and creating something original.

The wonderful thing about this fashion is that there are no guidelines to follow. Bollywood star Sonam Kapoor Ahuja can serve as your fashion inspiration!

Her mangalsutra features a solitaire in the middle, along with the couple's star signs of Leo and Gemini.

Anything under the sun is an option! The options are truly unlimited, whether it's your name's initials or a representation of the industry you work in.

  1. Meenakari Magic:

When choosing Mangalsutra designs from this category, consider the various traditional design possibilities offered on sneharateria.com. There is a tonne of beautiful Mangalsutras in these locations. Meenakari is a Rajasthani design, as is well known, and these items are perfect for individuals who prefer to keep things traditional. Even though they wear swimsuits and bikinis, some ladies like to carry a little touch of tradition with them at all times.

It does appear cute!

The wonderful thing about Meenakari artwork is that it comes in a variety of brilliant colors and patterns, giving one a limited window for customization. Consequently, there are many possibilities from which to choose.

  1. Mangalsutra Bracelets:

The Mangalsutra bracelet is another fashionable and well-experimented accessory!

The fitness expert Shilpa Shetty contributed to this stunning look. This fashion is incredible, but it's also practical. This style of mangalsutra is perfect for the renegade diva because it sort of exploits the gaps in the law. The accessories consist of a single black bead thread linked to a pendant or charm of your choice.

  1. Gemstone Glam:

Similar to the solitaire Mangalsutra, these pieces have a tiny gemstone pendant in the shape of your choice, adding the perfect bit of glitz to the lovely you!

Depending on your preference, this kind of mangalsutra can be made lighter or heavier.


There are countless possible designs for mangalsutras!

Choose the option that best fits your personality and sense of style. Which of the aforementioned modern and traditional mangalsutra styles did you prefer?

There is a wide range of mangalsutra designs available on our website sneharateria.com that suits every style, every fashion, and every occasion.

Visit sneharateria.com today.

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