Affordable Luxury - Diamond Jewellery Collection
Affordable Luxury - Diamond Jewellery Collection

Reinvent your style with Affordable Diamond Jewellery! Sparkle like the diamond you are!


Celebrating the woman of today! Celebrating the real diamond!

 Affordable Diamond Jewellery

A diamond is a girl's best friend. As accurate as this statement is, so is the fact that the sparkle of real diamonds never fades when worn by any woman! The modern woman is the epitome of achievements and remarkable sacrifices. Having gone through many stages of tests in life, the modern woman ultimately emerges as the victor. Equivalent to the finest diamond with infinite shine, the modern woman shines!

The combination of both is truly divine and is the most perfect combination ever!

We enable you to come up with the best possible combination of brilliance both in Carbon forms! Allow us to make the perfect pairing of the finest diamonds with the inner diva in you!

Sneha Rateria offers the best collection of Affordable Diamond Jewellery arranged mesmerizingly in the shape and form of your desire. Choose the best set of sparkling diamonds that can go with any look you prefer! Ethnic, western, casual, chic, stylish; you name it, our dazzlers can easily make you pull off any look!

How would you like to frame your style as per occasion or set up? Family gatherings, brunches, daily wear? We have just the suitable pocket friendly collection that matches perfectly with your mood, style and occasion.

Diamonds are highly versatile ornaments that can go with any attire or occasion. We at Sneha Rateria help you choose your dazzling companion for life.

Be the proud, bold working woman that you are and carry your persona with blingy companions from Sneha Rateria!

Glam up your office look with our chic diamond jewellery collection! Your signature formal look doesn't have to be all plain and monotonous! Add the splash of glamour in just the right amount!

Our suggested jewellery items will enhance your whole look and make you your workplace's fresh new style icon!

Choose the most elegant piece that you adore and flaunt it with elegance, without pinching your wallet.

You deserve the attention! You deserve our diamonds!  


Affordable Diamond Jewellery


Type of Affordable Diamond Jewellery you should carry with style

Going for a change of look or need to revamp your signature style?

Are you into diamond studs or danglers? Bangles or bracelets? Earrings or nose rings?

Let us help you make up your mind!

Here is our brand new diamond collection carefully assorted to fit the particular need of the woman of today! 

Diamond rings

 Whether on a date or a professional meeting, your hands should be perfectly prepped to express yourself better. What better way to adorn your manicured fingers than beautifully arranged diamond studs wrapped around your fingers.

We have the perfect set of Diamond rings suitable for any occasion.

You can take a minute to make your choice with the design, type and shape of the diamond ring. You can even ask for a custom design bearing that personal touch you crave to carry with you all the time!

Our Diamond rings can make up for endearing presents for your loved ones.

Solitaire, Accent, Halo, Three-stone or Vintage!

Choose the most precious diamond ring for your partner! Make the best evening of your life perfect in every way. Select the perfect ring from our exquisite collection of engagement rings.

Perfect for any occasion and mood, pick out the ring of your choice today! 


Diamond earrings

Are you a fan of delicate top earrings or pretty studs that fill in the room with professionalism & style when you enter?

Select the best pair only at Sneha Rateria! Our new range of Diamond earrings is crafted with the perfect combination of skills and passion for fashion! Our designs are unique, flawless and handcrafted by skilled artisans with a creative streak of producing something different! Our designs are hand-picked by our clients belonging to every age and generation. We go with every fashion style and era, which is easily showcased in our designs.

You will get to make choices with a custom design that you prefer! Match our Diamond earrings with your black dress or wear them for a business meeting. Diamonds are meant to enhance your overall appearance and reflect the inner glow you possess!

As soon as you make an entrance, turn into a stunning head-turner with the perfect pair of Diamond earrings adorning your ears! 


Diamond nose pins

Nose pins symbolize culture, elegance, class and are not bound to a particular style genre. You could flaunt a fabulous nose pin with a traditional look, chic or even bohemian look if you may. Go with our new range of Diamond nose pins custom-made for the woman of the new age!

Our recommendations for looks to go with the diamond nose pins are Artsy, Chic, Bohemian, Trendy and even casual. It is up to you to choose the style you want to pair with our Diamond nose pins. That's the unique beauty of our assorted diamond pieces, you choose them, and they pick the style for you!


Diamond pendants

Nothing sparkles like a confident new age woman with a big Diamond pendant accompanying her! Choose your style of a diamond pendant that you want to flaunt with your mood! Go for various pendant styles with the Diamond shape of your choice!

Go for Designer, Halo, Cluster and Solitaire Diamond pendants as your mood!


Diamond necklace

Have a look at your beautiful neck! It doesn't deserve to be vacant! Embellish it with the most perfect Diamond necklace designed with the best quality gold bail and chain. You can choose to give it a little heavier look to go with traditional attire or just simply flaunt a minimalistic style for daily wear. Diamond necklaces are the show stoppers of your whole look and complete your chosen style with stunning brilliance!

We have a variety of Diamond necklaces to offer. Go for a Collar, Festoon, Multi-strand, Exclavage, Graduated, Rosary, Pendant and Choker diamond necklaces.

You name it, we have it!


Diamond bracelets

 No fashion look in the world supports this claim that Diamond bracelets are a must fashion accessory! Having that intricate piece of art wrapped around your lovely wrists gives you a sense of power and make you keep admiring it over and over again. The beholders won't be able t keep their eyes off of your hands whether you're taking centre stage, conducting a business meeting or just joining in a friendly conversation. Move your hands with a confident gesture while talking because they got dazzling supporters adorned around them!

What type of Diamond bracelets are you fond of?

Cushion, heart, princess,  pear, oval or the all-time favourite round ones?

It's entirely your choice to make! We leave it up to you to decide what design setting for the Diamond bracelet you prefer!

Affordable Diamond Jewellery


Diamond bangles

An ethnic look is the ultimate look of all time! It's timeless, elegant, and a must in many Indian attires. Have you always tried Diamond bracelets and the concept of Diamond bangles is utterly new to you? Why don't you go for a unique look this time? Our Diamond bangles display the same aura and bling of a bracelet that you're so fond of, adding a few more layers of grace on top of it!

Close edge, open clasp, closed clasp Diamond bangles are your perfect suitors if you’re not that much of a fan of traditional look. You can still rock an office party with the new choice of Diamond jewellery.

Our Diamond bangles are custom-made for the woman of brilliance!

Give it a go! You might fall in love with them!


Why meet your dazzling best friends at Sneha Rateria?

Original designs

Designed by talented craftsman

All of our finished pieces are marked with a seal of quality and trust. Our artisans are one of the finest and possess their own signature skills. We present you with 100% original designs that are nowhere else to be found. We have compiled an exquisite range of Diamond pieces of jewellery that you would love to own and flaunt! 


Safe practice!

Our Affordable Diamond Jewellery is made-to-order and delivered with authenticity intact. Our extravagant designs are delightfully lightweight, imposing no discomfort when worn for a more extended period. Our diamonds have been extracted conflict-free, and we ensure to follow the standard safe practice. 

Quality assured

100% authentic jewellery

Our Diamond jewellery is combined with the finest quality precious metals that are 100% authentic and quality assured. We source IGI certified diamonds. On top of which, each piece is hallmarked. Our ornaments are of grade one quality, and the high-in-demand jewellery items displayed on our website bear the exact resemblance in reality. We have never received any sort of complaints from our clients' end regarding the quality of our jewellery or service. Quality is served with authentic jewellery at Sneha Rateria! 

Transparency with pricing

No hidden charges!  

We have managed to establish a close client relationship based on trust and honest service. We have never compromised with quality in our designs, and the same intention applies to our service charges. There are no hidden charges or additional costs over any of our products. What you see on the displayed price tag is our final offer, and we do not leave any room for doubt on our overall service terms.

Shop your heart out!!



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