Various Ways to Style Your Mang Tikka on your Special Day
Various Ways to Style Your Mang Tikka on your Special Day

Wedding jewellery has always been a crucial component of any Indian bride's overall appearance. Everything from a toe ring to a necklace, no matter how small or large, is crucial to completing the look of a bride. On the most important day of her life, a bride would undoubtedly appear strikingly gorgeous and amazingly graceful wearing all of the pieces of traditional Indian jewellery.

The maang tikka is among the several items of Indian bridal jewellery that are an essential component of every Indian bride's solah shringar. The maang tikka, which rests on the bride's forehead, just elevates her appearance. What else? This lovely jewellery has undergone numerous design and stylistic changes over the years. Therefore, before you choose a maang tikka for the wedding, allow us to explain the significance of this wonderful piece of jewellery and the wide range of patterns it is available in.

Maang tikka is a bridal accessory that also symbolises the coming together of two people through the ceremony of marriage. The ajna chakra is thought to be located at the point where the dangle of the maang tikka touches the ground. This chakra, which is symbolised by two petals, represents the divine union of the sexes on an emotional, spiritual, and bodily level.

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Various ways to style your maang tikkas

The maang tikka, a type of traditional Indian bridal jewellery, comes in a wide variety of exquisite and attractive designs. Here are some beautiful examples of the many maang tikka techniques worn by Indian brides from various cultures.


  1. Grand size mango tikkas

A bride who wants to make a statement on her wedding day may choose large statement accessories.To make a statement as the bride with the most edgy taste, choose any pattern from the enormous studded pieces, such as floral or circular patterns. However, people who are unsure of their ability to execute the large piece on their face are advised to take it slowly and stay away from it. Long faces or broad foreheads make this style easier for the bride to wear gracefully.


  1. Small pendant design

All brides who choose a conventional yet elegant style frequently choose these spectacular accessories. Despite their conservative nature, single-stranded tikkas can nonetheless make certain brides look incredibly chic and stylish. Additionally, it has a huge selection of patterns to make brides and newlyweds appear stunning. There is a large selection to choose from, including rubies, pearl hangings, and unique coloured stone tikkas. The best feature of this tiny ornament is that it looks good on all face types.


  1. Passa

An Islamic bride's customary jewellery is called a passa or jhoomar. The maang tikka in question hangs on the forehead's left side. In addition to the traditional one that rests in the middle of the forehead, this is now also worn. The collection has many different styles, such as a fan shape, a triangular design, a round style, etc., and it gives a bride's appearance a royal appeal. Therefore, if you want to experiment with your appearance rather than stick to the norm, this conspicuously colourful accessory is a must-have for your special day.


  1. One-tier matha patties

Another popular trend that dominates the maang tikkas industry is the matha patti.This style totally graces a bride's forehead because of the additional layers on the sides. To ensure that this decoration remains in place, you must be careful. It complements the round face beautifully because of its sleek form.


  1. Multi-tier matha patti

This big, bulky maang tikka made in the "Nawabi style" is another great favourite among brides. The only difference between it and a one-tier maang tikka is the number of chains attached to the sides. The multi-tier matha patti, which is decorated with a variety of stones, including crystals, rubies, diamonds, etc., makes a bride appear no less than a queen. However, not everyone will appreciate this wonderful aesthetic. This shape suits brides with broad foreheads and cheekbones quite well. Additionally, because it accentuates the features of long faces, it appears incredibly lovely.


  1. Borla

The borla-style maang tikkas, which are primarily worn by ladies in the Indian regions of Rajasthan and Haryana, just make a bride look elegant and dazzling. Given that its appearance is similar to the jujube fruit, also known as ber or bor in Hindi, it gets its name from this fruit. Typically, pearls, stones, rubies, crystals, etc. are used to decorate the borla's spherical shape. Even Aishwarya Rai wore the lovely borla in the film Jodha Akbar. Particularly when the hair splitting is done precisely from the centre of the head, it looks fantastic on faces with round features.


  1. A side-swept style

These days, many brides adore wearing one of the trendiest types of maang tikkas, including this one. This maang tikka is also known as the "Nawabi style" half matha patti by several jewellery designers since it rests on the side of the head rather than the center. Another variation of this design places the maang tikka in the same spot on the forehead as the traditional ones. The side panel, however, only covers one side of the forehead. This exquisite piece of jewellery just gives the bride a regal look, regardless of the style she chooses.

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We are confident that if you wear any of these stunning maang tikka types on your wedding day, you will awe everyone. Simply select the one that best suits your face shape and watch as the man of your dreams falls head over heels for you again! On Sneha Rateria, you can browse a variety of mang tikkas designs that will make you look stunning on your special day.

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