Vaddanam – Essential Bridal Jewellery
Vaddanam – Essential Bridal Jewellery

When we started out 10 years ago as jewellery makers, we had little knowledge of South Indian Jewellery given the fact that we are from Bengal and all our karigars are Bengalis. But over the last few years, we have attracted so many South Indian Brides who taught us immensely and now we know what South Indian jewellery is and mostly the importance of it.

North Indian Brides focus on their Lehengas, diamond jewellery or polki jewellery. However, a South Indian Bride focuses mostly on jewellery for all parts of their outfit. And the most interesting of it all are the Vaddanams Designs(which till date I pronounce as Vandanam), which adds grandness to their already grandeur look.

Vaddanam Designs

South Indian marriages are known to be rich in terms of the amount of gold worn by the bride. And so vaddanam makes one of the most important piece of their jewellery set. Vaddanam is one of the heaviest ornaments worn by the bride. A South Indian bride will be rarely seen without a vaddanam on the her waist. Many vadanams designs are available – few are  really intricate with stone work, and others can have minimal stone work with Nakshi work. 

Vaddanam Designs for 2-way Wear

It has been such an interesting journey learning about this one of a kind piece of jewellery. Because Vaddanams are rarely used, and since we are really good at customising jewellery pieces, many brides request us to make it in such a way that it can be used in other ways too. One such piece is this one where the centre piece can be detached and worn as a choker. 


Please click here to see how this vadanam can also be worn a beautiful as a choker.

And click here to purchase the piece.

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