Things to consider before buying your ideal Bridal South Indian Jewellery collection
Things to consider before buying your ideal Bridal South Indian Jewellery collection

So your big day is around the crossroad, and you’re uncertain what jewellery to buy? The wedding is an important time for a girl. As you join a new bond, this occasion is promising and memorable. With an Indian wedding, there’s much more detail, given the different ceremonies and events. You need to look your glowing best; we’re here to help you shimmer. 

Buying South Indian bridal jewellery is possibly the priciest element of bridal shopping. However, more often than not, many make the blunder of investing laboriously in the wrong pieces. So, before you go and begin shopping, here are the 5 key things you need to keep in mind while selecting the South Indian Jewellery for Brides. 

  • The various events

Each has many traditions, whether a Bengali wedding or a Tamilian one. With the many occasions come many attires and jewellery sets to improve your look. Brides often make the error of buying only one or two pieces of jewellery. This goes with only one of two bridal attires; one is often left reciting them and at a loss on what to wear for other events. 

So if you want to be the cynosure of all looks without scorching a hole in your pocket, here’s the wise thing to do. 

  • Chalk out the diverse events that you ought to dress up for. So you may look at occasions such as a Mehendi, Sangeet, Shaadi and a Reception. A Telugu wedding may have experiences like ‘eduru sannahalu’ and ‘Satyanarayana Katha.  
  • Once you’ve charted the different events, mark out what you intend to wear for each, and then shop for jewellery.


  • Make smart jewellery choices.

Once you’re committed to the events and estimate the number of sets you need, begin shopping. You can buy one or two expensive pieces for the big day. However, make sure that the details are relaxed to use. 

Doing so in an intellectual manner would include, 

  • Buying detachable jewellery: Such flexible jewellery lets you detach a part and reuse it to give a new look. A detachable trinket/earring on a short chain is a great choice.
  • Buying flexible pieces: You can also opt for points with multiple uses. A long necklace that doubles up as a waistband is a favoured option.
  • Choosing the right gemstones: While diamonds often push prices, you can invest in pieces that use other less costly gemstones instead.
  • Jewellery Material: Finally, not everything ought to be gold and diamonds. Buying designer jewellery that utilises hypoallergic materials is a great option. This guarantees that your style quotient is increased without burning a hole in your pocket.


  • Jewellery vs clothes: What comes first

While it’s a general doubt whether to buy your clothes first or your jewellery, Sneha Rateria instructs you to do a bit of both. So while you could invest in a comment jewellery piece and match dresses accordingly, you can also buy clothes and get them for your jewellery piece. 

To do so in an intellectual way, you must, 

  • Look at jewellery that completes your clothes. Do not go all out and buy actual blingy pieces that will take the shine away from you. Instead, opt for the right part of brilliance that adds to your look. 
  • Keep re-usability in mind too. While you may be enticed to buy that fancy jewellery for your wedding, do recognise that it may end up in a safe after the wedding is over. Many women often get away with the pieces they buy for their wedding and cannot use them again. So guarantee that you buy pieces that can be worn for other occasions and have the flexibility for use. 


  • Match it with your look

The jewellery for your big day should complete and improve your look. To do so, you must keep factors such as your face shape, neckline, colours of the wedding attires, the amount of embellishing and work on the garment, and even your hairstyle. 

To ensure that the jewellery you buy fits your look, do consider, 

  • Earrings: Check the hairdo you plan on your particular day and whether the earrings will check the look. Ensure that your earrings are the correct size to fit the shape of your face. While any earrings complement an oval face, provide length if your face is round. A heart-shaped face is better complemented by earrings that are wider at the bottom, such as a tear-drop form.
  • Necklaces: While chokers look good on individuals with long slender necks, choose the length of your chain to improve the look of your dress. A layered look may work well for most. If you plan to dress in heavily embroidered garments, confirm that the jewellery is simple and vice versa. Choose the length of necklaces to complement your face.
  • Other jewellery: While earrings and necklaces are most significant, different wedding styles and cultures look for other jewellery. So while the maang tika is prevalent in some parts, others highlight waistbands, armlets and paths. Ensure that whatever you buy completes your body type and attire, making you look unique and beautiful.


  • Finally, work with a budget.

Last but not least, work out a budget. Well-planned funding can help you plan better and not go overboard with your purchasing. Earmark an amount that you plan to spend on jewellery. You can buy something great for the wedding day and add a few easy sets for occasions like sangeet, mehndi and the reception.  

If you are working on a tight budget, you can also, 

  • Look at rental options that permit you to rent jewellery for a day.
  • Give a touch-up to the heirloom pieces handed down to you. These will improve your look beautifully.
  • Compare prices and deals at online stores to buy beautiful jewellery at the lowest rates.


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