Kundan ornaments, a common heirloom in jewellery kits, hold unique significance in the nation. The cherished art of making kundan jewellery has its origins in the past royal age and has been faithfully handed down through the centuries. would have you believe that each piece is made with extreme care and precision, yielding a singular product. Because of this, it won't be difficult for you to spot this distinctive style in the jewellery collections od so many fashion icons and celebrities. Here, the designer from Jaipur compiles a comprehensive guide on this revered jewellery style.

Kundan is the most famous jewellery that is made by using a wax core. This form of jewellery typically uses 24 karat pure gold, which is what the word "kundan" itself refers to as highly refined pure gold. Kundan jewellery has been engraved in our culture since ancient times. It is said to be over 3500 years old.Kundan is also referred to as "Jadau" jewellery as it is engraved into 24 karat gold. Kundan jewellery is usually set in gold jewellery because of its softness relative to other metals.

Can you tell us anything about the kundan jewelry's past?

Kundan jewellery dates back to the Mughal and Rajoutani dynasties' reigns.It flourished aggressively in the Mughal era as it was adapted by all the royal Mughal families.
Indeed, many talented craftsmen and artisans arose in the Mughal and Rajput empires, the work of which can still be seen today.

What steps are involved in making kundan jewellery?
Starting with the creation of ghat in 22-karat gold, sometimes referred to as gadhayi—unique pieces built with golden strips—kundan jewellery is created. The pattern is created by using tiny golden strands that are then chopped, coiled, and moulded to resemble a standard mold-like structure.The most crucial phase in building the piece's structure is this one. The second process, called khudayi, is etching the exterior surface with the necessary patterns and decorations. In this method, the framework is filled with lac (a sort of wax) or gold and then carved. In essence, this phase entails etching the planned pattern or design onto the jewellery item's surface.

Meenakari, a popular art form in India, involves carving designs on metal and filling them with beautiful colours to make the jewellery more visually appealing.Precious stones are embedded using jadayi, which adds more beauty and grace to the jewelry. Jadayi is created by placing a foil between the metal mounting and stones.Gold foiling supports and positions the surface of the jewellery.

How long does it take to make one item of jewellery with kundan?

Making Kundan jewellery needs specialisation and hard work. Every article needs to be hand-finished by skilled artisans and craftsmen. It takes long hours and a high level of expertise to design Kundan jewelry, and sometimes it takes 2-4 months to create a Kundan jewellery piece, depending on the modesty and complexity of the design.

What designs are used most frequently in kundan jewellery?
Kundan Jewelry is inspired by nature and architecture. It has no specific motifs to design them. Most Kundan designs can be seen by using various elements found in nature, such as flowers like tulips, roses, carnations, and lotuses. You can see some immortal Kundan designs that we have witnessed for ages. Kundan jewellery has not lost its charm even in the modern era. In fact, Kundan jewellery has seamlessly blended with modern-day jewelry.


How has the practise of Kundalini yoga changed throughout time?
Kundan jewellery has traditionally had incredibly intricate and beautiful patterns. In the past, only royal families received it. Over time, this jewellery style has evolved and even been copied in silver metal. The common person may also buy this kind of jewellery once commercialization takes hold. As accessibility has increased, the quality of craftsmanship has declined in comparison to prior times. Now, only carefully selected artisans can be counted on to deliver sincere, high-quality work. It should be possible to make an item in one month that formerly required three to four months to complete.

Bridal Collection Kundan Jewelry
The Kundan jewellery business has long included a significant portion of bridal jewelry. The colours that are offered in Kundan sets add a unique touch to the bride's attire. The divas of the Indian film business also enjoy it a lot.
The necklace, which serves as the focal point of a Kundan jewellery set, can be made in either closed-collar or choker form. The piece might be light and paired with heavier bracelets, or it might be richly encrusted. These days, lighter clothing items that are appropriate for wearing to parties rather than weddings or other formal occasions are preferred. Without any other accessories, a pair of Kundan earrings can be appropriate for evening wear.

What cultural significance does jewellery made of kundan have for brides?
Due to its elegant and refined appearance, kundan is widely used during weddings. Traditional Indian jewellery has always been rather voluminous and composed of substantial gold pieces. With time, kundan jewellery is currently becoming lighter in weight, and Indian brides are once again appreciating it. On her wedding day, every bride wants to dazzle, and the royals favoured this type of jewellery for a reason. As well as kundan jewellery, heavy diamond sets generally don't go with traditional bridal attire.

How can one distinguish genuine kundan from imitation?
Having thorough knowledge of genuine kundan jewellery is crucial when shopping. To distinguish between imitation and authentic pieces, one needs to have a fundamental understanding of jewellery and craftsmanship. Kundan jewellery should, however, come with quality certifications from the jeweller since it is set in 24 karat gold. In order to reduce the possibility of fake jewellery, you may also look for genuine stamps on the jewellery.
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