Stylish Ways To Wear A Rani Haar Will Bring Out Your Inner Maharani

You binge scroll through the internet, glancing at those gorgeous Rani Haars women in history who have worn and, in the present, have been modelling on their memorable days and occasions. And you are wondering if you'd enjoy doing it too but are not sure it will look equally pleasing as them? Then here's how you must go about it.


Rani Haars has been the outstanding and queenly jewellery piece worn by many queen princesses, and a class Bollywood actresses and divas have adopted during their lives during occasions and parties. Rani Haars is slightly over-the-top because no one can miss visiting them when a bride or a woman wears them. The ideal ways of wearing Rani Haars will give you all the trust and shine to look the best of yourself and convey your inner maharani, which may have been sleeping all this while.


So here are the other ways of putting your Rani Haar with great style:


  1. Layering– Two or three necklaces are consistently better than one! So, praise that beautiful Rani Haar with the extra layering of necklaces. Think of arranging on Polki and Jadau stones embellished necklaces along.
  1. Choker Charm– Choker necklaces work excellent with Rani Haars. The choker and the Rani haar assemble a great mix of short and long necklace styles, which graces a bride's royal watch.
  1. Multiple Strings Rani Haar– Panchlada or Satlada haars are interpretations of Rani Haars, which suggests they have five or seven strings all in one necklace with the length of a Rani Haar. This presumably connects the navel of the bride, the classic style of a Rani Haar. The shortest string may have a big trinket, while the other strings may have a matching design of very tiny pendants.
  1. Collar Necklace – Rani Haar and Collar necklace do a fantastic job completing an exquisite harmony in the overall jewelled eye. Collar necklaces pose very well around the neckline, while the Rani Haar assembles height or length on a bride sporting it.
  1. Oversized Pendant Purity – Nothing like a statement design of the massive pendant over a Rani Haar! It is a brilliant way of making your bridal maharani face, dancing up a little further than the regular royal looks.
  1. The Minimal Way – If it is a Rani Haar, it doesn't mean it has to be particularly heavy. Minimal Rani Haar designs are excellent for brides who don't feel satisfied with too much going on. Minimal Rani haars have the choice of pearls used in the strings, and pearls are always best in lending a pretty look to any bride. This keeps the stand of creating a bride who looks like a Maharani.
  1. Matching Necklace – More often than not, brides mixing necklaces and Rani Haar are two different sets of designs. But to design a sophisticated and synchronized jewelry look, go for a Rani Haar with a parallel structure to your prime neckpiece.


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