Real Polki Jewellery - The Truth!
Real Polki Jewellery - The Truth!

We all love real polki jewellery.

At least, I prefer polki jewellery over diamond jewellery. I think polki jewellery is more feminine, traditional and it has a lot of royal vibe to it. It is extremely ornate and detailed, specially the ones with beautiful meenakari work.

Real Polki Jewellery. Picture sourced from Strands of Silk

But is it really worth buying real polki jewellery?

A friend of mine recently got engaged and we got into a deep conversation of polki jewellery. She has been hunting for jewellery everywhere, and wants to get some old ones remade and use some unused diamonds/gold lying around – as most newly engaged girls do. However, when it came to her polki collection, we were at a dead end. She wanted to remake a specific piece, but one can’t melt polki jewellery because the polki goes bad. And if you go to sell it back to the seller, he will come up with excuses like the polki has scratches now, the meena work has gone bad etc etc. ,and never give you the value that he promised at the time of selling it.

And that is when it struck me. I have never heard of Polki jewelry being truly remade or resold, at an appreciated price. And of course, to confirm this, I did a lot of research. I spoke to many jewelers. If you speak to them as a first-time buyer, they will all say you can resell the piece to them in the future. If you speak to them as an old customer, they will not buy your jewellery.

Thus, polki does not have any resale value.

 Polki diamond, no matter how big the pieces are, cannot be sold back. The jewellery in which it is set cannot be melted. The only way it can be remade is by tearing away the “tikdas” and rejoining them in a different design with kadis. But again, if the polki jewellery has meena work, the chances of meena going bad is very high. Another way many jewelers “remake” polki jewellery is by changing a few hangings or the chain, but that’s about it. Real Polki jewellery is not like diamond jewellery, which can be completed melted and be made into a completely new piece with a completely new design.

This is one of the reasons, your jeweler will not buy back "real polki jewellery".

He cannot remake it or sell the polki diamonds.

 And then the question arises. Why is polki jewellery so expensive if the polki diamonds have no value? It is not the polki that makes the jewellery expensive. The art of making real polki jewellery is extremely technical and time consuming. But in India, nobody wants to pay for making.

Real Polki Jewellery - Picture outsourced from GIA 

I had written another article on polki jewellery a few years back. Please click here if you are interested in knowing the difference between kundan, polki and jadau, and how the jewellery is made.

 Making of real polki jewellery. Image sourced from


So, should you buy real polki jewellery?

 Of course! Not everything is bought to be resold. I still have my grandmothers’ pieces, which are stunning and beautiful. And a few which are ok ok type but I still love them because there is so much emotional value to it. But if you are thinking about investing money in polki jewellery, then it’s a big NO! The only value that you will get out of polki jewellery is that of the gold, the quantity of which is often lied about.

 But, behold, polki lovers. I have some alternatives to real polki jewellery. There is of course artificial polki which can be set in 18K gold instead of 22K gold. Artificial polki comes in many varieties – kundan, synthetic and moissanites. The best and the most real looking is moissanites but they are expensive. My pick is synthetic.

 When we use artificial polki, we do not have to scared of polki being damaged. If you want to resell it, only consider the value of gold that you will get. The rest of the stones usually have very little or no resale value at all.

I would still make polki jewellery. With gold, without gold. Whatever our clients would want. But I would always suggest to go with any form of artificial polki in them. Only gold (and the faceted diamonds) have resale value.

So, this is it! The truth about “real polki jewellery”.

Nowhere did I find that I could sell my polki jewellery at an appreciated price even though gold prices are at an all-time high. And nobody was willing to remake it without guaranteeing destroying a few essential details to the piece.

 At least, this is what my research says. I would love to hear your feedback and if you have any information that corrects me. But most importantly, if you know anybody who rebuys or remakes polki jewellery, do share their contact. It would be helpful for a lot of our readers. And for my newly engaged friend specially.

 Dedicated to my one and only – prinkster, who questioned me so much that the only way to stop her was to find answers.

 You can always email me at I love feedback!



(though feeling like proud Indiana Jones of jewellery today) 

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    I purchase a polki set , how I know polki is real or fake

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