Basra Pearl Bangle
Basra Pearl Bangle

Pearl jewellery is a part of every woman’s jewellery collection. And we have many kinds of them – oval, round, drop, baroque and also basra. 

Types of Pearls

Before I started this line of jewellery business, I had absolutely no idea the difference between even natural, cultured or semi cultured pearls. And to clarify, when I say, “real pearls” I am including both natural and cultured pearls into this category. Cultured pearls have long since been dismissed as not being “real pearls,” and should always be considered genuine.

Semi cultured pearls, on the other hand,  are not an organic, grown substance, and are usually produced using a mold by a machine. The lack of irregularities is a dead give-away that they are not genuine pearls. That is, unless you have found yourself a truly great strand of pearls!

But what are Basra pearl Bangle?

You must have heard the term basra pearl bangles been dropped when there are jewellery conversations between you and your grandmother. And I am sure you must wonder what they really are, but don’t really bother to know. 

Basra Pearl Bangle
Basra Pearl Bangle

However, Basra pearls are something you should know about and must have. Pearls originating from the Persian / Arabian Gulf have a legendary reputation in the world of gems. Famously known as the Basra pearls, these have enthralled many a pearl aficionados. These pearls are ones that have been harvested from the Persian Gulf off the coast of countries like, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, United Arab Emirates etc.

The Basra pearls are a highly valued and treasured species. These pearls have a featured in recorded history as far back in time as 300 BC

Featured below is a prized specimens of utter gandeur and luxury to give you an idea of how dear the Basra pearl was to the Royalty of yore! One is a circular canopy, 1.2 meters in diameter that is studded with around 500,000 pearls. And not just any pearls, but fine Basra pearls, found naturally in the Persian Gulf.  At a recent auction by Sotheby’s the canopy fetched a whopping Rs. 10.3 crores.

The Basra Pearl supply has dwindled greatly ever since the oil industry boom in the Arab countries. So a pair of the basra pearl bangles in your collection increases the value of the collection.

Even though a Basra pearl bangle can be imitated very easily, if you are handed down a Basra pearl bangle from your grandmother, do not underestimate it’s financial value. It might fetch you a fortune in the future when needed.

Basra Pearl Bangle

You can see our collection of pearl jewellery here.

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