Jhumka Earrings - Designs that can rock any look!
Jhumka Earrings - Designs that can rock any look!

Contemporary or traditional, Jhumka Earrings can rock any look!

Got an invite to a party? Already decided on what to wear? How about your accessories? Going with some old ones or looking for something new?

When it comes to timeless fashion, your eyes should look for jhumka earrings!

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Jhumka Earrings

Jhumkas are the queen of all earrings and make you feel like one! They are adored and loved by women of all ages and makes a striking addition to your jewellery collection.

Jhumkas are always in fashion! They can be worn for several occasions and often are the primary choice for Indian wedding attires. This does not limit their appeal to match the need of other styles, and they can transform your look into casual, chic, traditional or glamorous with ease.

You can also wear them for day to day use without getting worried about being repetitive. Jhumkis makes you adopt a distinctive style statement!

Pull off the look you always desired to achieve with jhumkis!

Jhumka Earrings are available in a diverse range based on the base material, shapes and fusion designs.

They have been around for quite a while, and the royal look they impart comes from their origin. Having been in existence since the times of blue bloods of Rajasthan, jhumkis have stood firm against the test of time and have transformed in the modern era.

Obsessed with jhumkis or a jhumki newbie, find every Jhumki style and kind in this blog that will make you fall in love more with the fancy ornament! 

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Just a few tips before choosing the perfect jhumki for you!

Go for the occasion with Jhumka Earrings!

Jhumkis are highly versatile! You can not go wrong with the ensemble you complete with any style and jhumkis. However, suppose you have already bought a traditional dress for a wedding or more so for your own. In that case, it is always better to go for heavily studded jhumkis instead of the simple ones already in your jewellery box. More reason to buy more right, but who's complaining!

Will it go with your face shape?

Jhumkis compliment every face shape but the layers and length of the entire piece make a lot of difference. For instance, small jhumkas are more appropriate for long faces than round or square faces. Round and oval faces can choose chandelier jhumkis with long and slender designs. But you can go with any design if you've set your heart to it! Be comfortable in your style, and go for it!

 Set your own style statement!

I say why to be monotonous with fashion! There are plenty of jhumkis designs available in the market of different sizes and shapes. The small ones might be labelled for casual looks, but they can also be matched with an elegant cocktail dress. The long and heavy ones don't have to be worn with traditional attire, and they can be paired with toned-down apparel and bring the oomph factor out of the simple yet unique ensemble. It's all up to your attitude and how you carry it!

Bridal Jhumka Earrings

Bridal Jhumka Earrings


Bridal jhumkas are a hot issue every season! There is no Indian bridal look that is completed without intricately designed jhumkis. After choosing the right ones that match the theme, brides can go for the look they desire. 

Jhumkis undeniably are a timeless piece of bridal jewellery that stays trendy. When paired with a matching Kundan necklace and sterling silver ear cuffs, jhumkis enhances the entire bridal look.

At sneharateria.com, we have an exquisite range of bridal jhumkis that are worth being part of your jewellery collection. Have a look and make your pick!

Detachable Jhumka Earrings

Detachable jhumka earrings are the chameleons of ear accessories. The name suggests that detachable jhumkas can be separated into individual pieces per the desired look or occasion. The entire ornament usually consists of 2-3 detachable pieces that can be detached by a skilled craftsman upon request.

DetachableJhumka Earrings


As per the need of the occasion or your mood, you can go with short or long jhumkas with detachable earrings. 

Detachable jhumkas are embellished with gemstones, pearls or precious metals and can be made to order with a pre-suggested design.

Layered Jhumkas

Layered jhumkas gives an illusion of being heavy and enormously oversized; however, they are crafted light and in layers.

Layered  Jhumka Earrings

Layered jhumkas are assembled in a sort of chandelier-like structure, with the next layer laying below the former.

Double-layered and multi-layered jhumkas are magnificent and give an effervescent appearance. Hand-picked by style icons to flaunt the heavy ethnic looks completed with traditional wear.

Layered jhumkas are often ordered in Gold, silver, oxidized metals with diamond, pearl and precious stones filled either partially or entirely depending on the preferred look. 

Visit https://www.sneharateria.com/ for chandelier jhumkas that are hand-crafted by talented artisans with an eye for sophisticated style.

Distributing jhumkas into a particular category makes it easier to pick your choice. On the whole, jhumkis can be found in various forms and shapes based on the material being used, shape or design on the overall piece.

Here are the different types of jhumkis that you might come across while shopping for the perfect pair.

Traditional Jhumka Earrings


Traditional golden jhumkis

If it's Indian jewellery, it has to be gold! Golden jewellery is the ultimate top choice to go with ethnic wear. Gold jhumkis are always high-in-demand and never go out of style. Gold-plated jhumkis imparts a classy look to your entire apparel, whether Indian or western.

Typical Golden jhumkis are intricately designed and are embellished in semi-precious stones, such as pearls, ruby, emeralds, sapphire, etc.

Gold's versatility and stunning attribute make Golden jhumkis the perfect choice for bridal accessories. Golden jhumkis are often hand-picked by brides of all ages and can be matched with more golden accessories or simply any other ornament. For an Indian bridal look, more is always better!

You will find the trendiest designs for golden jhumkis at https://www.sneharateria.com/  that you can choose as per your attire or occasion.

Silver jhumkis

Fan of the sparkling silver jewellery? Silver jhumkas are the appropriate style statement that goes with every attire. Whether ethnic or western, casual or stylish, silver is the show-stopper of every jewellery ensemble. The classy silvery hue of silver jhumkis complements every outfit choice that you pick for several occasions, including a wedding ceremony, family function or office party. Silver jhumkis always stay in style, and with time their grace enhances even if they get tarnished or oxidized. 

Silver oxide jhumkis

For silver lovers, silver-oxide jhumkis present the choice of maintaining the aura of sterling silver in another form. The oxidised sterling silver jhumkis are more suited for a casual look, but the versatility of the oxidised form is appealing to every other style. For those who are into indo-western fusion looks, silver oxide jhumkis are a must!

An embellishment of well-polished silver oxide jhumkis adds extra splendour to your entire look and puts you into the direct spotlight. Be the main talk of the party with this style statement!

Diamond jhumkis

Diamond Jhumka Earrings

This one is a no brainer! EVERYONE's favourite Diamond jewellery is always appealing in any form, and Diamond jhumkis are no exception! Quite a new concept for many, diamond jhumkis are a delight to the eyes and jovial to wear!

Diamond jhumkis will make you stand out in either a day event or evening gathering!

Want a perfect pair of jewellery to go with your designer outfit? Select the perfect diamond jhumki from the Sneha Rateria collection. 

For those who prefer a bit toned-down choice of ornament and are not that much of a fan of gold or silver pieces, diamond jhumkis offer the perfect option. Diamond studded jhumkis add that glamorous look to your outfit that makes your style iconic! Go for the iconic look that you can call to be yours!

Chaand Bali (moon earrings)

If you're a fan of vintage fashion, then Chaandbali jhumkis are the ones for you!

Moon earrings or Chaand Bali are designed in the shape of a crescent moon. The piece is completed with trinkets and gemstones.

The entire look is an absolute stunner and gives a royal vibe to your traditional attire.

Timeless and unique in every way, Chaand Bali jhumkis are a must-have!

Pearl jhumkis

Elegance can not be defined without the mention of best quality pearls embedded in any ornament. To pull off a traditional look with added grace, pearl jhumkis accomplishes the task pretty well.

Pearl jhumkis are incredibly versatile. You can wear them on multiple occasions without being labelled as a boring or monotonous sense of style. Pair them with different attires, and you're good to rock any look!

Pearl jhumkis can also be worn on a daily basis and still manage to sustain the shine!

Any traditional look is incomplete without pearls. Jhumkis adorned with glossy pearls, and precious stones present the perfect ensemble that's balanced and appropriate for any occasion.

Flaunt your elegant choice of style with timeless pearl jhumkis available in a wide range of designs at the Sneha Rateria store.

Kundan jhumkis

Crafted with high-quality gemstones embedded in the finest form of molten gold, Kundan jhumkis reflects class and royalty.

People with great taste and style go for Kundan jhumkis and swear by it.

Kundan jhumkis are the signature ornaments of royalty since Kundan originated from the royal courts of Rajasthan. One with an eye for finesse adores Kundan jhumkis.

If your style matches the description, Kundan jhumkis will complete an essential piece of your style statement.

Find the latest designs of hand-crafted Kundan jhumkis at Sneha Rateria. Visit https://www.sneharateria.com/to have a look!  

Temple jhumka earrings

To showcase an entirely Indian-themed look, temple jhumkis are the best of the lot. Temple jhumkis are crafted by skilled artisans with a miniature form of idols engraved or embedded into the jhumkis. Depending on the choice, the figurines could be of Indian deities or based on entire temple architecture.

Temple jhumkis complete the traditional Indian look and exhibits your interest in the Indian culture. Trendy designs are always in high demand, especially in Indian weddings, and temple jhumkis are often worn by traditional Hindu brides.

Embrace the stunning jhumkis in various shapes and colours and make them the finishing piece of your jewellery box. Whether traditional or modern, jhumkis creates magic with any theme and style!

Visit https://www.sneharateria.com/ to get your dream jhumka earrings today!

If you have a unique design, please do share with us. 

You can always email me at sneha.rateria@gmail.com





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