Jhumka Design – A must in your jewellery trunk!
Jhumka Design – A must in your jewellery trunk!

Timeless & classic, Jhumkas are one of those traditional type of earrings that every woman has. They have been around for centuries and the shape & styles have changed a lot. They are now available in many kinds – long, small, tiny, peacock earrings designs & also in temple jewellery design. But the traditional ones are the ones that still look the best & elegant. The jhumka is composed of two elements. A round disc called the karanphool which sits on the earlobe and dangling from it is an inverted cup or bell which is called the Jhumki or katori (dome)and together this ornament is called the Jhumka.

Latest Jhumka Design

Even the traditional jhumka’s come in many designs. And one latest jhumka design is the below one which can be worn in multiple ways.

Latest Jhumka Design

Mutliple wear earrings have become very popular in the last few years. We have manufactured many such earrings, but the most popular are these ones. One can simple remove the below “dome” and wear only the top, or even add a pearl drop to the top to give it a little bit of movement. Even the centre color can be changed as per your requirement. 

Peacock Earrings Designs

One of the most popular earrings that we have made are these peacock jhumka earrings. With nakshi work & delicate pearl hangings, these earrings perfectly any attire for a casual party or even parties like, haldi sangeet & mehendi. Similar to the above design, the bottom “dome” can be removed and replaced, or the top can be worn as it is. You can view the detailed view here.

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The jhumka is the all Indian feminine ornament adored by one and all. The jhumka is a common thread running through the jewellery repertoire of India.  Be it north, south, east or west the Jhumka is worn by all Indian women. Down the centuries the Jhumka underwent several transformations in design and shape yet it maintained its original ethnicity.

Temple Jewellery Design


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    The jhumka is the all Indian female decoration worshiped by everyone. The jhumka is a repeating theme going through the gems collection of India.

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