A Complete jewellery guide by north Indian bride
A Complete jewellery guide by north Indian bride

Indian weddings are the most elaborate, providing the bride and groom the most time in the spotlight from the start of the pre-wedding festivities until the conclusion of the post-wedding rituals. The important wedding ceremonies like the Mehendi, Sangeet, Varmala, and the eagerly anticipated Reception party are sandwiched within this long list of events. The bride's sole focus throughout these scheduled festivities will be on looking stunning in her opulent garments and priceless jewellery.

Without a suitable style guide, getting and keeping the ideal look for a bride during the wedding traditions might be a little perplexing. For this reason, Sneharataria offers a comprehensive guide that includes all the information on necessary jewellery for the many wedding-related occasions as well as style advice to assist the Bride in making a stunning impression during her important moments.


Mehendi ceremony


Starting with the Mehendi ceremony, the most vibrant custom of all. For this ritual, a bride just needs to have a demure, subdued appearance that is graceful enough to seduce the guests. The bride can achieve the ideal mehendi look by wearing an alluring choker neckpiece with a set of striking earrings. Sneha Rateria offers a huge collection of jewlleries to make you shine brighter on your every occasion.

When purchasing jewellery for the mehendi style, keep the following three things in mind:


Keep It Simple: Pick just a few pieces of jewellery, perhaps just a necklace for this event.

Choose your lehenga while choosing jewellery: If it's a lively lehenga, consider a variety of coloured colours; if not, pastels are ideal.

Wearability: When choosing jewellery, keep it simple and think about what you can pair with your favourite dress for the upcoming festival.




Sangeet is the most entertaining wedding ceremony ever. the occasion where people dance and have fun while connecting with one another. The bride's sole goal at this ceremony is to look stunning. Zircon with a glittering sheen would be the best material for this exciting occasion.


4 jewellery items to look for when purchasing for Sangeet:

Bold Kada: Rather than stacking numerous bracelets on your wrist. Prefer a statement Kada to something you feel confident dancing to.

Cocktail Ring: This is the party where your good times will be recorded. Enjoy wearing distinctive jewellery in front of all eyes.

Payal : Dancing is the focus of the celebration, and the Payal is required. Pick a fancy Payal that will jingle when you tap your feet to the music.

Captivating Tikka: A bride at wedding rites is invariably wearing a tikka. Pick a glistening tikka with a pretty pendant.




The ritual that ties the life of the Bride and Groom together in a Hindu marriage is called Varmala, and it is the most anticipated part of the wedding. The most aching moment a bride can imagine is right now. The primary goal is to appear as royal as possible on this unique day right now.

Nothing is more beautiful than Kundan itself to give Varmala the most regal appearance.

The bride wears the auspicious red lehenga, which has a spiritual significance and is seen to be a blessing on the bride when she joins the bridegroom's family, and is decked out in all of her magnificent jewellery, creating a timeless traditional bridal look.

Given its royal heritage and origins in the regal courts of Rajasthan, Kundan is the perfect choice for a classic appearance. The ancient queens treasured the oldest type of jewellery in India, known as kundan.


8 Essential Bridal Accessories For The Traditional Bridal Look:


Gulbandh: The centrepiece of bridal jewellery, which is displayed opulently around the nape of the neck.

Rani Haar: The Gulbandh and lengthy neckpiece give the bridal outfit a royal final touch.

Nath: The bride's face is made charming by the exquisite nose ring, which has an elegant string that extends all the way to her hairline.

Ornate Kundan jewellery for the Matha Patti, which wonderfully frames the bride's face. The brides from Rajasthan are fond of these.

Bali Kaan: The most important component of the bridal trousseau is the earrings, which are a symbol of womanhood and look best when they are elaborate.

Payal: Anklets are frequently given as wedding gifts by the bride's family and are unquestionably necessary for achieving a traditional bridal look.

Rings: You must include embellished rings in your bridal trousseau, along with large, intricate pendants with Kundan stones.

Bangles: A bride's bridal trousseau would not be complete without a bangle, which is thought to enhance women's beauty.


Three suggestions for brides who want to create a contemporary bridal trousseau:

Less is more: Avoid stacking necklaces and instead choose one regal piece that makes a statement.

Prefer Uniqueness: The contemporary bridal style is all on originality, so let your jewellery deviate significantly from the norm.

Bring in Details: Rather than going overboard with your bridal jewellery, use small accents that brighten up your ensemble, such as an elegant hatphool.



A reception party is the bride's first celebration following the wedding, and the primary goal is to look stunning. Nothing will make our Bride shine more brilliantly on such a magnificent occasion than zircon.


When choosing jewellery for the reception, keep these three things in mind:


Choose blingy jewellery to make a statement. Allow the light to reflect off of it to make you appear radiant.

Match Your Neckline. When selecting a neckpiece, consider your neckline. Choose a Lariat necklace for a plunging neckline and a big cascading choker for a broad or off-the-shoulder neckline.


Shop your bridal jewellary at sneharataria.com and make your special day more memorable.

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