Good Quality Jewellery Via CAD/CAM
Good Quality Jewellery Via CAD/CAM

The sky is the limit when it comes to jewelry designing. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to take what your imagination creates and turn it into an good quality jewellery, specially by hand. That is why we consider going the CAD/CAM way.

Our CAD/CAM services allows us to think outside the box when it comes to creating custom yet good quality jewellery. No longer are we bound by what we can physically create by hand. Instead, a computer software program can help turn a creative and innovative design concept into reality.

CAD – To help us precisely design good quality jewellery

CAD (computer-aided design) describes the use of computer software programs to create 2D or 3D models. When creating the models in a CAD software program, we have the ability to view the piece of jewelry from all types of angles — including the inside, from the top, or the sides. At this point, we can make any changes that you might want.

CAD being used to make good quality jewellery

When the design phase using the CAD software is complete, we move on to CAM.

CAM (computer-aided modeling) is the use of software programs and machinery to create and manufacture a 3D object. Upon completion of working with a CAM program and machines, a 3D wax model is created which physically represents the way the final product will look. 

Precision is achieved via CAM to make good quality jewellery

This particular pendant was done using these methods so we could achieve the finesse that was required for this specific design. It also helps us to reduce mistakes/costs by constantly checking with the customer if we are going in the right direction. Once, the prototype is ready using CAM, we can easily visualise what the final product will look like.


Good Quality Jewellery

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