Confusing Gold Bills?
Confusing Gold Bills?

Gold jewelry bills, specially the ones with diamonds, polki or any precious stone, are very difficult to understand. I get a lot of queries regarding jewellery making charges, the difference between gross weight, net weight and what would be the resale value of any gold diamond jewelry. I am bifurcating a classic bill of diamond bangles from any vendor to help understand how to decode gold diamond jewellery bills.  

A Gold Diamond Jewellery Bill will typically look like this. 

Gold Diamond Jewellery


Gross Weight Of Gold Jewelry

Gross weight of any jewelry piece is the total weight of the item. For example, the bill says the gross weight (G.WT GMS) 20 gm, then if you weigh a bangle on a regular jewellery scale or even a food measuring scale, then the answer will be 20gm.

Net Weight

Net weight is techinically the weight of the precious metal that has been used in the bangle. In the above bill, net weight (N.WT GMS) is 18.396 gm. When you remove the stones, the weight of the stoneless bangle should weigh 18.396 gm on the weighing scale. But this might differ a bit because about 1% of gold is lost when the item is being finally finished.

Gold Rate

The gold rate is always confirmed on the date of order. Since gold prices change daily, you should always jot down the gold rate on the invoice received from the vendor, incase the vendor has not written it down himself. Ex., today’s rate is

On the basis of this gold rate, you will know the value of the gold that has been used. In the demo bill, the value of 24k gold is Rs 3110/gm. So 18k gold will be (18/24)*3110 = 2332.5 /per gm. 

The bangle has 18.396 gm of 18k gold. So, the value of the gold in this is Rs. 42908.67. 


This particular bill has specified the carat of the stones used and price of each carat. The prices differ because he has used two different type of diamonds. 

The cost for this is calculated as:

3.00 carats x 1800/per carat = Rs 5400

1.02 carats x 1200/per carat = Rs 1224

Consequently, the total cost of the diamonds is Rs 6624

Jewellery Making Charges

Jewellery Making Charges is usually the most difficult part of the bill, and often confusing. Different jewellery designers charge different making charges. For example, caratlane charges different making charges for different products. It may vary from as low as Rs 450 per gm to as high as Rs 900 per gm. Bangle making charges can also be fixed per jewellery designer and they can also differ for any specific design. We charge a fixed rate of Rs 850/per gm as our items are very customised to each customer. Typically making charges are fixed at per gm rate and is calculated with the gross weight of the product. 

Gold Diamond Jewellery

However, in this case, the vendor has not exactly charged jewellery making charges and has divided it into setting charges (STN RATE) and labor cost.

He has set approx. 4 (3.00 + 1.02) carats of stone so he has charged Rs 1600*4 = Rs 6400.

He has also charged Rs 120 as total making charges, which by the way is SUPER cheap. I am pretty sure he has kept some gold aside. 

His total making charges charge is Rs 6400 +120 = Rs 6520

So now the total is 

Net Weight + Stones + (Settings charges + Labour Charges) = Total Cost of the Diamond Bangle.

42908.67 + 6624 + (6400 + 120) = Rs 56052.67.

Out of this total amount that will be paid, making charges are usually never refunded.

If the bangle is sold, you will get the value of 18.396 gm of 18k gold x the cost of gold on that day + the value you can get for diamonds (which is often subjective to each diamond and when, why, where you are selling them).

Gold has a standard fixed price all over the world. So where ever you sell gold you should get the correct value.

I hope this blog on bangle making charge & gold diamond jewellery bills was helpful. You can view our collection of gold jewellery here.

If you have questions, you can email me at or even watch our IGTV for more information.



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