Individual Customised Jewellery
Individual Customised Jewellery

Did you know we are really good with making customised products?

We adapt to society’s norms & rules as we age. We start shredding our naïve dreams, choices & passions with time. We start caring about what others think of us. Even if we want to be unique, our choices get hugely affected by external events & by the influence of media. Our choices are not as exclusive as we think they are. In addition to this, we are not able to find the courage to break the norms because we do not have the support of the manufacturers. It is very difficult to find manufacturers who make only one piece that is unique to us. However, many fight the expectations of society & hold on to their inner artists. And they some how figure out to get their own customised products.

Get your Customised Products made by us
Get your Customised Products made by us made by us

We get to meet these artists daily. They do not want what already exists or what is common. They do not want to wear standardized & mass manufactured products. They are very particular about their ideas and take pride in their individualistic styles. They have a vision & they are innovative. It is very refreshing to talk to people, who offer new designs and give a whole new outlook to our work.

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Such customised products have brought in a whole new spectrum to fashion. There are so many new things I learn from a customer – a customer who add their ideas to ours and we end up manufacturing something totally unique & new, together.

Get your Customised Products
Get your Customised Products made by us

Like the above Haathphool, we can make any customised products. This one is very special to us because the customer showed us how we can use different ways of mechanisms to wear it 3 ways. It was truly spectacular. You can view the detailed video of this one here.

Most of our products are customised and you can view them all here.

You can tell us what you want and we will make it for you. All you have to do this send us a message here.

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