Gold Jewellery With AD. Really?
Gold Jewellery With AD. Really?

These days, many choose to wear AD jewellery made on gold and not silver.

I know, right? Gold is way more expensive and why spend so much money made on artificial diamonds? Isn’t the whole point of artificial jewellery that it is artificial (Duh?). Well a few ladies make many valid points.

Gold is a great investment.

Nobody can ever go wrong with putting your money in gold. Gold is safe and pretty riskless investment for the long term. It holds monetary value and aesthetic value as well. One thing I love the most about Gold Jewellery is that you can flaunt it for years and it will still fetch you profit if you ever plan to sell or exchange it for something new. During ancient times, gold used to be considered as a symbol of power and wealth. Significance of gold Jewellery in India is well known. It is still regarded as very auspicious in our country.

Many of us have gold jewellery at home just lying around. Why not use it?

The jewellery which is passed on to us is always very special and hard to part with, that’s the reason why people are getting their old jewellery remodelled into new ones. Our mothers passed on some really great jewellery, but a few not so great. Why not turn some not-so-great treasure into priceless treasure? Instead of selling them, you can get them redesigned according to the latest trends.

But why AD and why not diamonds?

Request the jeweller to reset your diamonds or artificial diamonds – if you do not want to spend a bomb on real diamonds. You can get the feel and look of real diamonds with AD and they won’t even cost you much. Cubic Zirconia and Moissanite are the two types of artificial diamonds which look the best when studded in gold. They look very much similar to mined diamonds. You can also opt for Swarovski Crystals, Zircons, White Sapphires or Garnets to add that extra glam to your gold Jewellery. Your old Jewellery pieces will start to look so much more beautiful once they have been redesigned – No one will be able to tell that they are not new!

The finishing in Gold is always much better.

Jewellery made in gold is always better. Gold is one of the rarest metals which don’t get tarnished in the air and stay shiny for a long period of time. The finish is much better and the polish lasts longer. And of course, earrings made with gold are much lighter on our ears. 18kt gold is said to be the ideal choice for stone studded Jewellery, but if you want, you can go for 14kt or 22kt gold too.

Gold jewellery screams elegance and class. Moreover, It’s something that never goes out of fashion! So whenever you’re buying artificial diamonds jewellery, get it made on gold – You won’t regret your decision in the future!

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