Sneha Rateria founded her company Silvery Designers PVT LTD under the brand name She started the business with a vision to take the prevalent jewellery manufacturing standards to the next level by adopting latest technology. She specifically established her online store to meet demands of Indian women from around the world.
Sneha Rateria has a business degree finance management and MA in art. Also, she learned jewelry making from her mother, Mrs. Saroj Rateria, a distinguished silverware designer in India, who is famous for crafting bespoke bridal trousseau sets.
In 2021, Sneha Rateria further established three horizontal diversification of jewellery making. Along with the company’s concentration in silver jewellery, Sneha developed a line gold and diamond jewellery under the name of ‘Rose Gold’, and costume jewelry under the name ‘Pink Trinkets’.

The company is built on 3 critical pillars:

  • We provide proper certifications and credentials for every piece of jewelry we create.
  • Each every piece of jewelry comes with a test certificate from a government-approved agency.
  • We particularly focus on customer satisfaction and fulfillment.
  • We share detailed descriptions of the production process with our customers to assure delivery of their jewelry as promised.
  • We are available for customer support via chat option that helps the company & the customer to document conversations to help in easy resolution of any matter in question.
  • We are here to help and solve your problems to the best of our abilities.
  • As an added advantage, we give life time guarantee.
  • If the piece requires re-polishing or repair we will do it anytime, at no extra cost.
  • With 12 years of work experience, the company has gained expertise and excellent knowledge in manufacturing jewellery and related products.
  • With the use of the latest technologies, the company ensures the timely delivery of the highest quality finest of products.
  • We are equipped with in-house manufacturing techniques that provide us the flexibility for creating unique pieces.
  • We specialize in customizing jewelry.
  • We qualify in remaking designs and can create pieces to strictly adhere to customers’ individual requirements.
  • Diligently adhering to these three strong pillars has lead the company to manufacture high standard quality pieces that are unique to the core. The brand has proudly earned the stature of being one of the most renowned silver jewellery manufacturing companies in India today.